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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to invite your friends? 
You'll earn £1, or $1, for each friend who signs up for Influence and submits a Video Response which meets the Influence approval criteria. Read more
Paid Video Surveys
4. How can I improve my responses? 
We ask for Influence responses to be recorded in a light and bright environment, so that your face is clearly visible, be sure to stand still. Read more
2. Cashing out your earnings? 
Once your account balance has reached a minimum cash out mark, you can cash out into your own bank account through PayPal. Read more
3. How to record a video response? 
Make sure you're using your front-facing camera, ensure we can clearly see your face and talk for at least 15 seconds. Read more
Fast & Easy
Record short 60 second video responses to fun questions from major brands.
5. How will my video be used? 
Responses may be used Internally and Publicly. By recording and submitting a video response, you are agreeing to it being used for the purposes stated on the Usage button. Read more
6. Project invitation bonus. 
As a general rule once you have submitted all responses for this project and the responses have been approved your payment will be processed within 7-10 working days. Read more

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